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Isuzu shatters records in 2017


This week, Successful Dealer covered Isuzu Commercial Truck of America in an article that announced the company had shattered two sales records in 2017.  This means that the company is making last year its new benchmark for retail sales of Isuzu-brand trucks and sales of Isuzu parts.

2017 is now the fourth year in a row that Isuzu has established records in these key metrics.

Successful Dealer goes on to talk about how Isuzu says its dealers retailed 22,633 Isuzu trucks to customers in 2017 — a record for Isuzu-brand trucks in the United States.  In addition, Isuzu dealers purchased more parts with a sales increase of 3.9 percent versus 2016, setting another record.
“These records carry more meaning when you consider that we faced an increasing level of competition throughout 2017,” says Shaun C. Skinner, president, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. “Our 2017 results are a testament to the hard work of our dealer body and our field force—and, of course, the loyalty of our customers.”

For more information, view the full article here.