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Volvo Releases Remote Programming for 2017 Engine Equipped Tractors


Volvo Trucks North America introduced an expansion of its Remote Diagnostics platform that allows over-the-air powertrain software and vehicle parameter updates across North America anywhere a cellular network is available.

The new Remote Programming solution will be available later this summer for all Volvo trucks equipped with Volvo-powered, 2017 GHG-compliant engines.

Volvo Trucks product market manager, Ash Makki, says that up to 75 percent of all software updates are neglected by customer’s industry-wide. This is mainly due to the time required to schedule, take a truck out of service and perform the update.

With Volvo’s Remote Programming, the engine software update procedure only takes 30 minutes, according to Makki. Fleet-specified vehicle parameter updates, such as speed limit settings, take as little as five to 10 minutes.

Volvo’s Remote Programming procedure:
1.    The fleet manager is notified of an available software update and is prompted to authorize the download.
2.    A service agent at Volvo Trucks Uptime Center verifies the truck is parked in a safe location and instructs the driver to leave the truck ignition switch in the ON position and initiates the update.
3.    Once completed, the agent notifies the driver that they are safe to continue their route.

Along with its end-user benefits, Makki says the new efficiency will also benefit the dealer channel. It will remove vehicles requiring updates from a shop’s workload and allow dealers to spend more time completing maintenance and repairs.

Volvo Trucks is focusing its Remote Programming release solely for its new 2017 engines, but company executives acknowledge the possibility of OTA capabilities for certain earlier-model tractors equipped with Volvo power and Remote Diagnostics platform at a later time.

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