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Kenworth T700

One look at the dramatically sculpted exterior of the T700 and you know this is a truck that will cut to the edge of what’s possible in fuel economy. In fact, the hood, fenders, headlamps, windshield, roof, bumper and fairings merge in such a clean and precise shape that the T700 produces the lowest aerodynamic drag of any Kenworth. Ever.

Minimum Maintenance: Bumper and chassis fairings are made of high-tech material that doesn’t have to be painted, won’t fade and resists impact – significantly reducing repair expenses. The aero bumper is made of two pieces and the hood of three pieces to cut the time and cost of repair. Just a few of the many quick-to service details meant to keep your T700 logging revenue.

Maximum Comfort: A towering 96 inches of headroom. 60 cubic feet of interior storage. Quality materials. Worldclass styling. A seamless, integrated, wide-open floor plan filled with a myriad of innovative ideas that bring an extra measure of luxury and practicality to the road: abundant xenon incandescent lighting, optional flat panel TV mount and drawer style refrigerator.

Kenworth T700 Brochure

Kenworth T700


  • Engine sizes from 13-liter to 15-liter
  • Accommodates up to 600 horsepower engines
  • Front axles from 12,000 to 14,600 lb ratings,
  • Rear axles from 23,000-lb single to 46,000-lb tandems
  • Set-back front axle provides optimum wheel cut and weight distribution
  • 59-inch taperleaf springs for a smooth ride
  • Aerodynamic, light-weight design for optimum fuel economy and maximum carrying capacity
  • Sloped hood, large windshield and DAYLITE Doors for improved visibility
  • Integrated, wide open cab/sleeper design
  • 7-foot-wide cab with 30 inches between the seats for driver comfort


  • 75-inch AERODYNE


  • Line Haul
  • Regional Haul