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Volvo VN 630

Ready for a sleeper that can drive your business forward? You can't do better than the VN 630. No matter what you're hauling, the VN 630 will help you arrive on time, under budget and well rested.

Thanks to a spacious cab and mid-height roof, the VN 630 has plenty of room for both stand-up and sit-down comfort. The handling and maneuverability make it a dream to drive, whether you're on the open highway or watching for curbs. And it's loaded with driver-friendly features and innovations, including an overall operating cost that's consistently low.

The sleeper is available with two full-size bunks and lots of storage. The ride is exceptionally smooth and quiet. And a wealth of safety features lets you feel well taken care of, mile after mile. Best of all, every VN 630 is built to a demanding quality level that ensures durability and lasting value. For weight-conscious regional bulk or specialty routes, this truck really knows the territory.

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