Success in the hard-nosed business of moving goods from Point A to Point B means never again having to choose between a vehicle that’s a pleasure to drive and one that’s profitable to operate.

When you’ve arrived, there’s really only one choice to make; Kenworth W900. The perfect fusion of cutting-edge technologies, expert engineering and classic styling. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

• From the day it was introduced, the W900 reflected a dramatic departure in heavy-duty trucks. It brought the road to life for drivers and owners alike. Set the pace in long-haul performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, productivity and sheer luxury. Combined ready-for-anything functionality with beautifully aesthetic design like never before. And proved as comfortable behind the wheel as it was on the bottom line. Since then, our job has been to carefully – and continually – refine the W900 without changing what made it great.
• Today, few things in business exceed expectations quite like a Kenworth long-nosed conventional. Fewer still continue to excite and inspire successive generations of drivers. For many, a W900 is the ultimate goal. And no wonder. In a world of copycats, knockoffs and unrelenting parity, this is an original – a rare piece of individuality you can call your own.
• Kenworth W900. A high value – real world – solution.

Innovative technologies and advanced manufacturing processes deliver fuel efficient, light weight designs resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

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•  Custom-engineered from bumper to taillight, the W900 comes almost any way you want it. Spec it lean for payload-hungry applications – selecting from a multitude of weight-saving options. Or order it decked out with factory-installed, signature-setting Kenworth exclusives such as polished battery boxes, tool boxes and fuel tanks. Stainless cowl-mounted air cleaners. Dual polished vertical exhaust stacks. Lighted trim panels. Roof-mounted lamps and horns. 86” Studio Sleeper. You name it.

•  Maybe you need a truck with some serious backbone. Dump truck. Mixer. Lowboy. Logger. W900.

•  Your design choices encompass the latest technologies and a spectrum of proven heavy-duty components for GCWs to 200,000 pounds or more. The highest horsepower engines. Front axles up to 18,000 pounds. Liftable pusher and tag axles. Single, tandem and tridem drives. Numerous transmission options, including auxiliaries. Rear engine PTOs. Dual power steering. Center front tow hook. And a wide range of steel frame selections – with up to two inserts.

The W900 is built on a proven platform cleverly engineered so that the deeper you look, the more there is to appreciate.

•  Take the cab as just one example. Legendary for its toughness, a Kenworth combines aluminum and fiberglass in an assembly that’s practically corrosion-proof. Huckbolts hold all the pieces together with a clamping force six times greater than rivets, so the cab’s strong, tight and more rattle-free.

•  Then there are all the little things you might not notice that help keep big things from going wrong. Wiring and plumbing bundled together and mounted high in the frame, safe from chafing, road salts or washing acids. Threaded steel shackle pins and bushings to extend suspension life and improve steering. Constant torque hose clamps. Radiator tie rods mounted to frame – not the cab – for longer radiator life. And so much more.

•  It’s this kind of attention to detail that keeps you moving ahead. Day in, day out.

When it comes to maintenance on a W900, Kenworth’s philosophy can be summed up in three words: easier and faster.

•  Now take a close look at the engine cooling system. On a W900, it incorporates straight sections of reinforced rubber hose that are more readily available and much less expensive to replace than preformed hoses, along with steel elbows that are good for a lifetime of service.

•  Even the electrical system – a maintenance headache for most operators – has been designed for durability and streamlined troubleshooting. Multiplexed instrumentation greatly simplifies cab wiring which is further color-coded and numbered for easy circuit tracing.

•  Quick-to-fix engineering features like these can mean a lot less downtime, shop time and money out of your pocket.

Somewhere between shipping and receiving there’s a whole lot of time in a truck. Hope it’s a Kenworth.

•  Whether you choose a workhorse-rugged, yet way-above standard Splendor interior or the custom look of a Diamond upholstery package, the inside of a Kenworth has been designed to help those behind the wheel operate at their absolute best. Perform at peak efficiency. And rest in an environment that brings them closer to home.

•  Tour a Kenworth Studio Sleeper, or one of our AeroCab sleepers. Note the consummate balance between business and pleasure. The thoughtful, convenient and productive layout. The creative and elegant interior appointments. All handcrafted to the same exacting standard we use to build the rest of your Kenworth W900.

•  Then imagine the pride you’d feel knowing you’ve been given the keys to The World’s Best® truck. That sense of pride is one of the reasons Kenworth trucks last longer, work harder and bring more at trade-in. And one of the reasons Kenworth operators keep their best drivers.

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