The hero on every job.

Powerful, durable and versatile, Granite is the right truck for the job at hand.


The gold standard of tough.

The unyielding foundation of any jobsite, Granite has the brawn to get the job done right.

Heavy-duty crossmembers provide the strength to tackle any job.

Top-mounted rear axle carriers minimize driveline angle and improve fuel efficiency and ground clearance.

mack truck


Granites are powerful enough to haul anything, while staying light to keep you productive.

Tandem Steer Mixer

Granite’s tandem steer option manages your load while giving you the maneuverability needed to get the job done.

Multi-Axle Dump

Fit the fuel volume you need, hydraulic tanks and lift axles all in the shortest wheelbase possible.


With its full parent rail front frame extensions for plowing, tight component packaging to allow room for wing plows, sanders and all your extra equipment, the Granite is ready to cut through snow.


  • Class: 8
  • Horsepower: 325-505
  • Torque: 1260-1860
  • GVW: 35,000-92,000+
  • GCW: 80,000+
  • Day Cab
  • 36-inch Sleeper


  • 13 Liter
  • 415-505 HP
  • 1460-1860lb.-ft.


  • 11 Liter
  • 325-405 HP
  • 1200-1560lb.-ft.

  • Manual: Eaton-Fuller Manual Transmissions
  • Automated Manual:  mDRIVE HD
  • Automatic: Allison RDS Series
  • Front Axles: Mack UniMax Axles with Integrated Hub
  • Drive Axles: Meritor® “S” Cam Q-Plus Brakes
  • Dana
  • Mack and Vendor (mechanical and air ride)
  • Tight Turning Radius
  • Cornerstone Chassis
  • D-Shaped Fuel Tank
  • Air-Assisted Clutch
  • Body-Ready Electrical System
  • Sloped Hood
  • Galvanized Steel Cab
  • Heavy-Duty Crossmembers
  • Cab Air Springs
  • Rubber-Sealed Windshield
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Top-Mounted Rear Axle Carriers
  • Self-Cleaning Steps
  • Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel

  • Power Locks

  • Non-Slip Electronics Tray

  • Driver’s Seat Air Suspension

  • Full-Color Co-Pilot Display

  • Illuminated Instrument Panel Controls

  • Oversized Cup Holders

  • High-Performance HVAC System

  • Digital Analog Gauges
  • Power Windows

  • Digital Analog Gauges

  • Sears Seating Seats

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